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Do you want to make a purchase or did you encounter problems when you tried to copy a village ? A village doesn’t work ? You want to sell your account with us but you don’t know how to do it ? For all your problems, read our FAQ.

If it didn’t help you, contact us !!

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The most asked questions ?

Our community is private! We make players/sellers pay to join our community to avoid malicious players joining us, to protect our sellers and buyers!

Yes, you can sell your Clash of Clans account with us.You must join our community on Discord, a staff person will take charge of you.

When you buy an account with us, you get a 15 day guarantee. If you have problem like that 

  • A ban (you must respect the fact of not contacting supercell, do not tell other players that you bought an account to avoid reporting)
  • If another person logs into your account
  • If overnight you can no longer log in  

The account is replaced by an account of the same value as the one you bought. In addition, since you join our community you can stay in touch with the staff in case of problems.

In the home page there is the testimonial of all our customers, you wil have other testimonials if you join our community, you can get in touch directly with our customers.

After an account purchase you will be redirected to our Discord community, you will have a link to join it. Once you’re in there, you will receive all the account information, a staff member will wait for you and explain all the steps for the security of your account and how to put the account on your device.

We do not guarantee the Clash of Clan base pack because all the bases are perfectible, there are just bases that are more resistant than others. Our bases are made by our best Clash of Clans players tested several times.

Yes of course,for that you must join our community and talk with the staff members !

You have to join our community to discuss it, whether you’re admin to our farm program or not !